For investors

Ships are tangible assets

We invest jointly in international logistics.

Transformations in the financial world have also changed the way we think. Together with investors and our shareholders, we want to secure the financial situation of the existing fleet, invest in niche markets and take advantage of market cycles. We believe that:

  1. Transparency and cost-efficiency are just marketing clichés for many competitors – in our case, however, they have been the foundation of our actions for generations now.
  2. Whether merchandise, shares or commodities – capital goods should be purchased at low cost counter-cyclically and then sold for a profit. The challenge here is striking the balance of a lucrative business.
  3. Our association has demonstrated significant cost-savings: insurance, replacement pieces, lubricants and consumables are proven to be affordable with us.
  4. Ten family-run shipping companies – that’s more than one hundred years of experience and knowledge. In many fields.

We want to secure the future of the next generation of ships with select investors!

You want to profit from the fact that 95% of world trade is carried out by ship?

Thanks to our market connections, we offer you the ability to invest in second-hand tonnage at reasonable prices, in newly built ships with sophisticated technology for cost-effective operations as well as in ships with special situations. We’re accustomed to fairly investing with our own money.

Effectively steering shipping companies – we’ve got a firm grip on their numbers

Our internal controlling and reporting complies with all professional standards down to the details and serves as a basic tool for making economic decisions. The Hanse Ship Management AG offers everything you need in planning, analysing and reporting operational controlling functions.