Reederei Rass GmbH & Co. KG

Ludwig Rass founded the shipping company in 1961. The first ship HANNA was capable of transporting 220 dwt. In 1967, the HOHEWEG with a carrying capacity of 500 dwt was purchased. In 1977, the first newly constructed ship HOHEBANK with a carrying capacity of 1,550 tons was put into service. The 2,200-ton TRABANT, which was already manufactured with the transport of containers in mind, was bought in 1988.

In 1993, the newly constructed 5,300 dwt Sietas ship with a slot capacity of 509 TEU was successfully delivered to the family-owned shipping company. In the years 1996 and 1997, the first newly built container ships with a slot capacity of 700 TEU or a carrying capacity of 7,225 dwt were handed over by the Sietas shipyard. In 2007 and 2008, five highly modern container ships with cargo-handling gear and a greater capacity for refrigerated containers were built in China for the Reederei Rass. Construction was supervised by three Reederei Rass inspectors themselves as well as by others. Today the family-run shipping company and its nine office works (three of which are inspectors) manage six container ships with a total slot capacity of approx. 5,500 TEU or a carrying capacity of 67,500 dwt. Furthermore, other maritime services are also provided for shipping-related companies thanks to its very good network.

Born in 1961, Captain Kersten Rass manages the successful family-owned shipping company together with her son Torben Rass – a third generation shipping merchant and a Bachelor’s graduate of Ship and Shipping Management.


Number of vessels
2 11.000-12.000 868-970
Stand September 2020