Rörd Braren Bereederungs-GmbH & Co. KG

Water has been the most efficient route of transportation since time immemorial, and no other mode of transport is as effective as a ship in terms of cost and transport capacity. And this degree of efficiency is continuing to increase thanks to modern vessels optimised to their area of application and type of cargo as well as thanks to clear shipping company concepts. Perhaps this is the reason why we as the Reederei Rörd Braren company have been successful since being founded in 1990 and why we still continue to grow.

‘Small but mighty!’ – that’s our philosophy in a nutshell! Our current fleet of eleven ships fulfils the most modern standards – an outstanding example of this is the world’s most environmentally friendly freighter (date: 2015). We are specialists for multipurpose freight vessels which are tuned exactly to the needs of our charterers. Whether ice-class vessels for northern waters, tweendeckers for optimal transport of single goods or a company-owned crane for increased independence from harbour facilities: flexibility and the utmost efficiency are the trademarks of our multipurpose freight vessels as well as our company itself.

Traditionally, we posses special expertise in dealing with cargo for, among others, the wood and paper industries, however, we are increasingly gaining recognition as a technical-nautical service provider for third-party tonnage. We maintain a close and trusting relationship with our customers and partners and are actively committed to experimenting with and establishing novel technologies for ship operations and environmental protection. Considering the variety of innovative environmental technologies used within our fleet, we can rightfully declare ourselves trailblazers in this field. Only one goal for everything: to coast alongside our partners on a clear course to the forefront!


Number of vessels
1 23.900 1.706
3 28.000 1.642
2 12.600 700
1 9.000
1 7.900 440-511
3 6.100 376
3 4.300 221
Stand September 2020