Reederei Heinz Ehler GmbH & Co. KG

The foundation of the Reederei Ehler dates back to the year 1925 when Captain Heinrich Ehler started up his own business with a cargo sailing ship at the age of 25. The shipping company received its first newly built ship, which was constructed in the Stade Shipyard, in 1956. The company expanded in 1968 with the addition of a second ship. With the MS ‘Heinrich Ehler’ in commission, Captain Heinz Ehler and the son of the company found Heinrich Ehler overtook the management of the company in addition to his role as captain.

New ships built in the Sietas shipyard and designed specifically for the transport of wood and bulk were added to the company in 1978 and 1985. The shipping company commissioned its first ship for container service by purchasing the MS ‘Anke Ehler’ which was built in 1990. After successfully completing and acquiring the master’s certificate for deep-sea navigation, Heinrich Ehler – the son of the shipping company owner – began working as a captain on board the shipping company’s vessels and starting in 2006 in the onshore business as well. The shipping company presently owns three modern container ships, two of which are solely owned by the family.


Number of vessels
1 17.000 1.450
Stand September 2020