Rambow Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG

Connect to shipping for generations.

Founded in 1890, the activities of Reederei Rambow extend all the way into present day. The shipping industry has been the focus of the Rambow family’s everyday life for five generations now. This family tradition was last transferred from the shipowner and Captain Wilfried Rambow to his sons, ship operations engineering graduate Sven Rambow and business studies graduate Malte Rambow, who’ve successfully carried on the business. The Rambow Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG is headquartered in Drochtersen/Assel, Germany, and manages eleven container ships which are currently in service all over the world and which were built in the Sietas shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, or in the Jinling shipyard in Nanjing, China.

All Reederei Rambow vessels bear the names of family members to show their ties to the ships.

The close, direct and personal contact between the shipping company and on-board operations combined with the high level of employee dedication and the use of state-of-the-art technologies mean that the ships are in very good nautical condition and are therefore constantly deployed in the best, safest and most economic way possible.

Nautical and technical knowledge paired with practical experience from the past are also capitalised upon in the planning of new ships in order to constantly improve ships which are managed by the company.

180 employees currently work as travelling personnel (partly through crew staffing companies) – in this process, however, emphasis is placed on hiring permanent staff as well as on training the next generation of employees (currently 30 ship mechanic apprentices). German ship management on all ships is directly hired by Reederei Rambow directly.


Number of vessels
1 17.000 1.450
2 13.700 1.118
1 13.740 1.008
2 12.700 700
6 11.360 868
Stand September 2020